Hello there!

My name is Imaan.

A Cape Town-based fashion and portrait photographer.

Welcome! I am a freelance photographer with a passion for capturing fashion and portraiture through my lens. Photography has always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember. Since getting my first camera in 2018, I've gradually taught myself how to use it via YouTube and free online courses. As the year progressed, I began photographing my friends and family and my love for capturing people grew stronger with each photo shoot I have done.

Over the years, I have been refining my craft by studying photography full time, and now recently a photography graduate. This has helped me develop a distinctive style that is both colourful and creative. I believe that every photo tells a story, and my job as a photographer is to capture that story in its truest form.

I am based in Cape Town and if you're interested in my work, please take a moment to browse through my portfolio. If you think we're a good fit, I would love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together to create beautiful images.

From Imaan.